Our Company and Services

Our Company and Services2019-01-26T11:11:51+00:00

M/s Priyanshu Engineering was established in Aug, 209 with a hope and clear vision to excel in the field of mechanical erection, fabrication and maintenance work especially in cement plants. Before M/s Priyasnshu Engineering it was knows as M/s Priya Engineering. M/s Priya Engineering was established in year 2001. Since inception of M/s Priya Engineering we are associated with M/s Prism Cement Ltd at Mankahari Satna. We have achieved many mile stones not only in Prism Cement Ltd but also in other plants of India few of them are Lafarge Cement Sonadih, Kamal Sponge Satna, Consulting firm M/s Kuleesh Engineering pvt Ltd (leading Structural designer). Priyanshu Engineering is opting safety as most important part before execution of any work. We are committed to train our staff and workers about best safety practices with the help of on site job training at work places. Opting Safe procedures has been made mandatory for all our staff and workers at every place. Prism Cement has appreciated us many times for our work practices on keeping safety as utmost inportant. We have excellent track record of performing our job with zero as utmost important. We have excellent track record of performing our job with zero accident not only in Prism Cement but also in other plants where ever we worked.

At Prism Cement Ltd M/s Priyanshu Engineering has been awarded various key project works, and we have completed them with utmost perfection, safety and in scheduled time. Few of them are listed below.

Our Services

Structural Fabrication & Erection Work

  • Fabrication and Erections of Belt Conveyor Galleries.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Cable galleries.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Hoppers, bins, chutes and venting ducts.
  • Fabrication and Erection of various structural work of Flyash silo top and staircase up to +63.00 Mtr Level.
  • Fabrication and Erection of structure for P&V system.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Disposal Pipe Line in Preheater Building.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Various platforms, staircase and approaches.

Laying of pipe line

  • Fabrication of Bends, Reducers, Transition pieces for various piping work.
  • Erection of compressed air pipe line, air pipe line, water pipe line, Diesel pipe lines.

Equipment Erection Work

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Dense Phase System
  • Bag Filters
  • Cement Bulk Loading System
  • Compressors
  • Reciever Tanks
  • Air Slides
  • Coal Crusher
  • Gypsum Crusher
  • Mobile Coal Crusher
  • Sepax Fan of Cement Mill
  • Monorail and EOT cranes
  • Erection of Hot Air Generator
  • Erection of Stacker and Reclaimer rails etc.

Key Maintenance Activities

  • Replacement of Separator Shaft of Raw Mill and Coal Mill
  • Replacement of Roller and roller wear segments of Raw Mill and Coal Mill
  • Replacement of Table wear segments of Raw Mill and Coal Mill
  • Replacement of Raw Mill Fan
  • Replacement of Chain and Buckets of Chain Bucket Elevators.
  • Replacement of belt and buckets of belt bucket elevators
  • Replacement of blow bars of Lime stone crusher.
  • Replacement of hammers of clinker crusher.
  • Replacement of bearing, impellers of various fans.
  • Replacement of compressors.
  • Various Maintenance activities from Lime Stone Crusher to Packing Plant.
  • Replacement of belt and buckets of belt bucket elevators

We also have following machinery

Machinery QTY
Hydra 01 Nos
JCB 01 Nos
Welding Machines 20 Nos
Chain Blocks of Various Capacities 30 Nos
All other accessories for various fabrication and erection works